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Grow Bags

Manufactured from a ratio of coconut husk chips and coco-peat substrates. Grow Bags are a fully re-usable, organic growing medium designed and developed for small fruit-based crops. Also widely used in the growing of flowers, vegetables, herbs and spices.

Serves as a growing medium and a container in one solution with AFP (air filled porosity) allowing air and water to move freely. Customized for individual orders with precut drainage, planting holes and dripper holes. These grow bags are compressed and high-density bags with UV protection & reusable up to 2 years allowing multi crop cycles.

These bags reduce the risk of diseases as its self- contained, less spoilage of value-added plants, improves quality and flavor and saves on labor costs.

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Grow Bags


技術的 信息

Common Name

Grow Bags

Trade Name


Our Code

GB 001

Size Variation (LWD) cm

100 x 20 x 08


Cocopeat %


Chips M %