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Coir Logs and Tubes

Produced as a reinforcement material to combat soil erosion. This product is densely packed for stronger support with pure mattress fibre, inside the tubular coir machine twisted or hand knitted twine netting with extreme care and precision to exact client specifications (diameter/ width and square/ rectangle specifications for 30 to 50m units).

These logs curve easily into shape with their flexibility and can easily be stacked one on top of one another fixed with bio- degradable wooden stakes to form a barrier to slow the water velocity. Multiple logs can be joined together using twine ropes at any given point. These logs can be installed all year around and lasts 3 to to 6 years.

Restoration of Marshes

Restoration of beaches

Erosion control along shorelines and lake-lines

Desserts – sand drift control

Backward restoration

Drain protection

Coir Logs and Tubes


技術的 信息

Common Name

Geo Textile

Trade Name

Coir Tubes

Our Code

CP – 001


Fiber 100 %


身體的 特性


15 %-17 %

Moisture Meter

Diameter (Inches)

12’ / 14’ / 16’

Width (m)